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Sunday, August 24th, 2003

Well I wrote about an hour of stuff here…and it got pinged into oblivion. It was deep, and it helped me work through somethings in my head. But I guess it was not meant for publication!

The beginning…again..

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

Well school is starting again, and I swore last year when the love of my life gave me this site that I wanted to put somethings together that talk about the journey of a simple nurse through the politics that is nursing and nursing school. So I stand at the precipice once again. I think this time around I want to talk about some of the internal journies I am taking.

I have had more paradigm shifts than a major corporation. I have been looking for that “place” where all the parts of my personality fit. I have had great adventures as a “nurse,” “five-fold ministry fundamentalist,” “a political activist,” “a groupie,” “a punker,” “a disgruntled teenager,” and “a too curious kid.” I think all of these personalities still live in my psyche someplace, the intergration of aging is an amazing thing. I used to see each change in my life as a closed door to an open window. I am beginning to see the continuity of life as I look back down the corridor of time. I like to think I am complex and not just flighty, but time will tell.