Doctor and Nurses in New Orleans


As I have said ad nauseum, I am a nurse practitioner, before that I was an ICU nurse. I have seen more illness and trauma than I care to remember. I worked in a clean, well lit, well supplied hospital with fresh water and the full knowledge that in 8 or 12 hours I was going home. It is hard and sad work. Patients die in the best of circumstances. I am so glad we live in a day and age that dying patients do not need to be filled with fear and pain as they pass from this world to the next.

Shoot to days after Hurricane Katrina. No food, no fresh water, no electricity. No fresh supplies, no one coming to relieve you ever, and critically ill patients looking to you to help them. In an ICU everything runs on electicty, every monitor, pump, vital sign equipment, medication administration machines, respirators…. everything. I am sure none of you have had the pleasure of transporting a sick patient while using a bag valve mask… its a lot of work….

Dr. Anna Pou, an ear, nose and throat specialist, and nurses Lori L. Budo and Cheri Landry were each booked with four counts of second-degree murder for taking care of their patients.

I have given more Morphine and Versed than I can even recount. They are good meds. Morphine is an old drug and nothing works better for pain. Versed is a wonderful anti-anxiety med and as a good side effect, it causes amnesia.

This medical team gave these drugs to their critically ill patients in the dark, dank, wet hot world that was post Katrina New Orleans. As we all stood back in our air conditioned homes and though.. oh what a shame for them…. These warriors did not abandone their patients. They were there, hour after hour, with people shooting just outside the door.

They kept their patients comfortable. Its what we do as medical care takers. Sometimes patients die, and sick patients in 100 degree weather without proper supplies will die faster. Its an unfortunate truth of what happened in New Orleans. Our government left them there to die. While FEMA was congratulating themselves for doing a good job, criticially ill patients lay dying in hospitals that were flooded.

I am so angry that these heros are facing second degree murder charges. They did not kill these patients, they kept them pain free and unafraid in a really aweful place. They could have left like 80% of the medical personnel, but they chose to send their families to safety and stay in the battle for their patients.

The family members of those patients who died should drop to their knees and thank god that their loved one did not die alone and in pain.


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